Better Breathing, Better Sleep, Bigger Smiles

Nasal breathing as a barrier against the Corona virus.
Could nasal nitric oxide help to mitigate the severity of COVID-19?

Are you tired? Do you snore? Have trouble sleeping? Can’t concentrate?
You may be suffering from a sleep disorder. We provide therapy to adults and children for better sleep, better breathing and bigger smiles!

About Us

Counting Sheep is a sleep disordered breathing solutions clinic committed to helping both adults and children improve the quality of their sleep through appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and sleep optimization. Our proven treatments may help you improve your mental and physical health as well as your quality of life. We are owned and operated by a local Roseville dentist, Dr. Deborah Fung, who serves our local community by offering a variety of effective treatments to reduce sleep disorder symptoms.

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends screening for Sleep Breathing Disorders at each well-child visit.
  • The American Dental Association mandates screening for Sleep Breathing Disorders at each dental visit.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and habitual snoring are highly prevalent 
    childhood conditions and have been associated with a large array of negative health outcomes.
Sleep Therapy for Children in Roseville, MN - Counting Sheep

Our Practice

We provide therapy to kids for better sleep, better breathing and bigger smiles!

Better sleeping and breathing, through Myofunctional Therapy, can help prevent and eliminate sleep disorder symptoms that include ADHD, bed wetting, learning disabilities, speech disorders, acid reflux, and facial/jaw pain. Learn how Dr. Fung can help you or your child!

We Help Adults Too!

We are always happy to help young children with sleep disorder issues, but our professionals apply their expertise to adult patients as well. If you are experiencing any sort of sleep difficulty, we can help diagnose the problem and offer treatment with myofunctional therapy, sleep airway solutions, orthodontics, and other modalities.