Our Practice

Sleep Disorder Specialist - Roseville, MN - Counting Sheep

Treatment Philosophy

Early diagnosis of underdeveloped jaws and identification of airway issues to guide jaw growth to its full potential and ensure development of the optimal airway.


Widening the arches often results in improved neurocognitive function, resolution of sleep disorder symptoms, and improved orthodontic success in aligning teeth.


Better sleeping and breathing, through Myofunctional Therapy, can help prevent and eliminate sleep disorder symptoms that include ADHD, bed wetting, learning disabilities, speech disorders, acid reflux, and facial/jaw pain.

Interdisciplinary Care

We frequently collaborates with other professionals to provide more advanced levels of care. Examples of this type of interdisciplinary care include collaboration with the following specialists:

  • Sleep Medicine Physicians, ENTs and Myofunctional therapists for airway improvement
  • Restorative dentists and prosthodontists to move teeth in preparation for future dental restorations and/or to prepare a patient for a lifetime of a more stable bite
  • Oral surgeons for combined orthodontic/orthognathic surgical cases
  • Physical Therapists to help with motor skills and muscle strength.