Meet the Team

Liz, Myofunctional Therapist

Liz, LDH, Myofunctional Therapist
Liz graduated from Lake Superior College with her associates of dental hygiene in 2012. Hygiene has always been her passion. A few years back she attended a continuing education course on mouth breathing, not really thinking much of it. Since taking that course, Liz has found a dental office that is air-way focused. This is where she had the opportunity to advance her education and take a course to become a Myofunctional Therapist.

Knowing the importance of optimal airway through nasal breathing, lip seal, correct tongue position and correct swallowing, Liz has started to develop a second passion. It is in her nature as a hygienist, to want to help anyone and everyone she sees, but now as a Myofunctional Therapist, she can help even more people live the best life they can.
Daria Profile Picture

Daria, LDH, BS
After graduating with a bachelor’s in biological science, at Northern IL University, Daria discovered she wanted to pursue a career in dental hygiene. In the year 2000, she graduated with high honors at Kennedy King College, in Chicago, to earn her associates in dental hygiene. Daria’s philosophy in dental hygiene has always been a “whole-person” approach. Her desire to help individuals with improving their quality of life led her to Dr. Deborah Fung’s Counting Sheep- Sleep Disorder Clinic.

She enjoys being part of the team approach with detection, treatment planning and providing therapy to her patients with oromyofunctional disorders. As a certified Orofacial Myologist, Daria helps to provide physical therapy to the muscles of the face and mouth. She is passionate about proper breathing habits and tongue posture as it leads to achieving an overall healthier and balanced life.