Young Children Therapy

Nasal Breathing Therapy

MyoMuncheeNasal obstruction such as asthma, allergies, deviated septum, and large tonsils and adenoids may cause someone to breath through their mouth. If your mouth is open the majority of the time, the lips are not together and the tongue is not exerting pressure on the upper jaw and teeth. This can lead to underdeveloped jaws , malocclusion and constricted airways. Other contributing factors can be a tethered tongue (“tongue tied”) where the restricted tongue cannot rest in the roof of the mouth, preventing normal development of the upper jaw. Tethered tongues can also block the posterior airway because the individual cannot position the tongue up and forward – out of the back of the throat. ︎

Habit Elimination Therapy ︎

Thumb- sucking , finger-sucking habits, or pacifier use (non-nutritive sucking) is harmful to the skeletal growth.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy


Goals of orthotropics are to help develop upper and lower jaw to its maximum potential in order to achieve the best possible airway space. This also gives the best “home” for the tongue to rest, and help prevent sleep disordered breathing.